Charles Harpur

Noon in the Bush

As Charles grew up he was schooled by his father, who was the school master of Windsor NSW. The only books they had were from the English culture. As Australia was only a young country they hadn’t established their own way of talking. So this influenced him in the way he could describe the Australian Bush.

He talked about the bush as if it was an English forest. Instead of words like, bush, branch, tan and red, he used the words forest, bough, tawny and vermeil. This made it hard to understand. When we looked into the meaning of the words it became a lot clearer.

Our summer days are really hot. I remember when we were young, we would try to find some where cool to sit. Mum would put a blanket on the ground under some shade. We would lay there. Not a sound could be heard.

I can imagine Charles doing the same thing. Looking for some relief of the midday heat. Laying on the ground under a tree. Not hearing anything, until the beetle comes and disturbs his quite time. The humming and the colour in the sun light has caught his attention. He sits up to watch it flying around. Watching the different colours shining in the sunlight. Listening to the humming until it flies away. He then lays down and all is quiet again.

2 thoughts on “Charles Harpur

  1. Very well written blog. I enjoyed the way you described the bush. However, a few grammatical mistakes i.e. “Instead of words like, bush, branch, tan and red. He used the words forest, bough, tawny and vermeil”, instead of putting a full stop between .. red and he, a comma would have been a more appropriate option as a form of comparison.

    Overall, an enjoyable blog to read

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