Eve Song

“Eve Song”


Dame Mary Gilmore (1865-1962)

The start of this poem, “I span and Eve span”, can be taken in many ways. In my mind, Dame Mary Gilmore is talking about herself and every woman that has been in the same position as she is writing about, all through time. This poem can be put in any decade on how women feel in her marriage.

It is about a woman who is in love with a man. The thread that is talked about is the bond they have. Though the man is made not to care and is a wanderer. Is he wondering to find work? Does he have a purpose? These are all the thing that are going through her mind. Being at home looking after the children and coping with being alone for long periods of time. This is the role men put women into as they thought they were the stronger sex, but as it has shown throughout time women are the stronger ones. They have to keep the family together, find food and most of all give love and encouragement to the family. Through all this, the bond has got stronger with them. Some of the time they feel that the thread has turned into a chain and was taking away their comforts in life.

As the poem goes further on it says that he is strong, fond and true. She thinks that he is weak, his fondness was fading and his wasn’t truthful. He was like a swing door in the wind. Then in from the wondering track he comes home. The thread is still there and they open up their arms to each other and embrace. She pulls him to her breast and everything is as it should be. I have a vision that in the time it was written the men could do as they pleased. Either to wonder off to find work or find other relationships. This is a very strong poem that shows a very strong women.

6 thoughts on “Eve Song

  1. I like how Dame wrote about a character that was faithful to her man even though she felt that he had turned his back on her. The end scene where he returns and is embraced shows me that dame must have been a compassionate woman.


  2. Dear Jenny,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts on Dame Mary Gilmore’s poem “Eve Song.” You have captured the ideas of which Gilmore has conveyed within her emotive poem and you have expressed your own thoughts about this literature succinctly and clearly.

    I particularly enjoyed how you dissect the true meaning of this poem by posing questions to the reader. This establishes an argument as well as encourages the reader to initiate their own thoughts about the true meaning that can be found in this poem.

    I would encourage you to do a thorough proofread before submitting, as there were several grammatical and spelling errors that detracted from the flow of your argument (i.e. ‘Roll’ instead of ‘role’, ‘his wasn’t’ instead of ‘he wasn’t).

    Luckily, there are many resources that have helped me along my journey with grammar and spelling, perhaps they can help you also!

    Grammarly is a wonderful resource to assist with minor, unseen grammatical errors. I know for me, it is ESSENTIAL! Reading your work out loud or reading to a partner will help with establishing a flow within your writing. If it sounds strange, then it probably is strange to read on paper.

    Overall, an interesting read with some strong points and poignant thoughts! Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Elora,
      Thank you for reading my blog. It has been many years since being in school, so thank you for your comment. I have downloaded the Grammarly App and I see what you mean. So I have fixed everything now {Hopefuly}.
      Thanks again


  3. Great job Jenny! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on ‘Eve Song’.
    You definitely connected with what Gilmore was trying to express through this text.


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